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Having stumbled upon each other in early 2019 and moving on to plan Brunchfest ’20 for The London Wedding Breakfast Club’s annual networking retreat, Kate and Lex quickly realized they had the perfect combination of skills to lay on unique events and workshops for other industry professionals.

For these gals, it’s all about equipping YOU with the tools to take your business to the next level, all against the backdrop of a relaxed, positive and totally supportive setting.

Meet your resident photographer Lex

With over 15 years of being a photographer under her belt, Lex from Fleming Photo brings authentic and creative photography to the table. Spending 4 years teaching the next generation with her effing and blinding, it was only natural for Lex to swap classrooms and start teaching other professionals how to navigate the world of weddings. Specialising in alternative & fun weddings in London, Lex has been leading the marching band for untraditional parties since 2015. Lex would rather whiskey than water, rock’n’roll than pop and absolute anarchy over sticking to the rules. Expect lots of guidance and skill-sharing when it comes to your experience at one of the masterclasses!

Meet your resident stylist Kate

Wedding Coordinator and Stylist at Jump the Broom, Kate would like to take full credit for the #saynotochaircovers revolution; since launching back in 2018 she’s grown a brand that takes a BIG step away from your typical ‘planner’ (no suit-dresses here) and that same-ol’, seen it all before, white wedding-y ‘look’. She’s had shoots featured in some of the biggest names on the blog scene and is always game for creating content that looks less like a wedding and more like an uber-sassy, tequila-fuelled, frolicking party that you’ll never want to leave. Specialising in On-the-Day Coordination also means this gal knows how to get seriously organised and lead a team to victory – so when it’s time to knuckle down for a specialist seminar, you can be sure it’ll be planned to perfection. 

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